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Address:Building A, gekeng industrial park, xihuan district, hengli town, dongguan city

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Company Profile

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Dongguan jingye machinery co., ltd. specializes in motor manufacturing equipment, hardware processing equipment production and sales. The main motor production equipment has; Automatic motor stator winding machine, ceiling fan stator winding machine, double flying fork winding machine, automatic paper inserting machine, automatic film inserting machine, horizontal paper inserting and film inserting machine, wire entering machine, wire binding machine, coarse and fine turning machine, integer machine and other hardware processing equipment, such as; Automatic tooth feeding machine, automatic drilling machine, multi - axis device series, non - standard special machine series. And based on the actual production and processing needs of customers, the design and manufacture of multi-axis drilling, tapping assembly line and all kinds of special combination machine tools, so that the original complex and cumbersome process simplification, automation, high efficiency, labor intensive production enterprises to save a lot of manpower, material resources.


The company has strong technical force, excellent equipment, perfect management, quality assurance, complete specifications and varieties. The company's excellent product quality, precision inspection, testing equipment, so that products continue to maintain a high level of quality, reasonable price, excellent quality, intimate service for customers to provide multi-directional, multi-system, multi-functional services. At present, the company's products in both quality and design can reach the same level with Taiwan. 


Our excellent products, intimate after-sales service: make our products in the market by the user's favor and praise, the company has a professional technical personnel and sales after-sales service personnel, forming a high-quality team spirit of innovation team. The company is in line with "the quality is reliable, the prestige is supreme" the management objective, take the customer's request as the quality internal control standard, in the complete set equipment supply, the single machine and the spare parts supply, the equipment inspection and so on domain, is willing to provide the integration solution for the enterprise user.


We will pass the more perfect service, the higher quality product and the more preferential price, wholeheartedly welcome the engineering investigation field colleague to choose my factory product, hoped that my factory product accompanies you to prosper. 



Keiyo machinery has always been customer, the customer's interests is the keiyo, know mechanical quality bad, will not delay production schedule and produce too much bad product, brings the user had much enlightenment by an estimated enormous losses, and to protect the interests of users and reduce business risks, Beijing leaves always adhere to the quality, the important component, to provide excellent, durable, mechanical stability, and high efficiency, rapid consummation post-sale service, the concept of sustainable development for the purpose of the Beijing Ye Chengli. Welcome to visit our new and old customers. Our company does business in the spirit of fair notarization. Our principle is that we would rather spend 100,000 yuan to recover the payment of 10,000 yuan. Do not let undesirable businessman gain profit. We try to arrange the payment of suppliers on time. Welcome to do business with us.