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Winder series

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Four-station outer winding machine

68000 ¥

Automatic motor coil vertical winding machine winding machine

Supply automatic coil vertical winding machine, vertical winding machine. Hardware motor, electric fan inlay with automatic vertical winding machine. Vertical winding machine. Use vertical winding head, servo motor, hanging cup. Achieve direct winding to the top of the hanging cup.
328000 ¥

Motor stator coil winding machine

Automatic motor stator coil winding machine. Winding machine. Use ordinary motor, stepper motor, ball screw. brake. Cylinder, wire frame. With a wire rod. Automatic winding, automatic cable. Use two pairs of winding rods for rotation. Mainly adapted, various, motor, electric fan, pump motor winding. Used in conjunction with the weaving machine.
19800 ¥

Dongguan Winding Machine

This machine is a three-axis linkage, dual-control double-station stator winding machine, using automatic thread trimming and automatic wire clamping machine. Automatic winding. The main components of this machine are: ordinary motor, stepper motor, ball screw, frequency converter, cylinder, scissors, frame, automatic winding, automatic cable, automatic corner. This machine is mainly adapted to the outer slot winding and the hanging electric fan winding. Various outer slot stator windings.
36800 ¥

Fully automatic computer controlled ceiling fan winding machine

It is made of an aluminum alloy case with a cast iron case. Winding mold, main parts are, ball screw, brake, inverter, transformer, motor, stepper motor, stepper motor driver, various switches, total system, the main winding parameters of the machine; speed 0-3000 per Minute, winding diameter, 250mm, winding diameter 0.1-1.0mm. Winding degree is less than 50mm, special can be customized. This machine is suitable for various outer slot stator windings. Welcome to contact us.
36800 ¥

Fully automatic computer controlled winding machine

The machine adopts ordinary motor, ball screw, stepping motor, brake, sensor, chassis and frequency converter to realize automatic winding and automatic cable. Adopt cast iron chassis, distribution frame, frequency converter to achieve stepless speed regulation. Replace with two pairs of winding rods. Save time and increase efficiency. It is the main equipment for ordinary, motor production, electric fan production, air conditioning, washing machine motor production, and various electrical production winding. This equipment has been manufactured for many years, with mature technology and favorable price. Welcome to consult and order. According to the customer's needs, you can order the large winding machine to increase the main motor and increase the center. The inverter is enlarged.
0 ¥

Automatic ceiling fan winding machine outer groove winding machine

Fully automatic ceiling fan stator winding machine, brushless motor winding machine, outer groove winding machine, single control double station automatic winding machine. Three-axis, automatic winding, automatic corner, automatic cable winding machine.
28000 ¥

Ceiling fan winding machine

Mainly adapted to a variety of outer groove stator winding. Customize various molds according to different models. Achieve separate and independent production. The lifting fan can be carried out simultaneously in the inner and outer slots. Winding speed, 0-3000/min, winding diameter 0.1-1.0mm. Winding diameter 30-200mm. Winding height within 50mm. Welcome to contact Dongguan Jingye Machinery Co., Ltd.
32800 ¥

Motor stator automatic winding machine

We specialize in the production of automatic double control double station, ceiling fan winding machine, automatic thread trimming, automatic clamping. This machine adopts ordinary motor, stepping motor, ball screw, winding machine controller, brake, frequency converter, tensioner, cylinder, frame electric box, and winding mold. Automatic winding, automatic thread trimming, automatic thread clamping, can be used with the robot under the stator to achieve automated operation. The machine is mainly adapted to various electric fans, ceiling fan motors, and outer slot stator windings. Mechanical parameters, maximum winding diameter, 250mm, speed 0/3000 rpm, stator height, 50mm or less. Power 220v.50HZ. can be designed according to customer needs.
35000 ¥
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